“I literally just finished and I’m typing as I consider what to type…
Accepting Gravity, aptly named, is a graphic novel without pictures. wonkknow’s descriptive writing forces imagery into the reader’s mind, and heart, and even more than that; you smell the smells, hear the voices, and become exactly what you should become when reading this topical and relevant journey, laced with healthy (over)doses of distorted whimsy and fantastical creatures.
This 365 page novel reads quickly and easily, despite the non linear chapter sequences. It’s meta at times and completely immersive at others, and it all feels so absolutely appropriate for the respective chapter. It’s political, satirical, gaudy, disturbing, real, imagined, gritty, and lovely. The topics of politics, drugs, sex, and so much more are not even remotely off limits and the author doesn’t offer anything remotely close to an apology for the truth, as he sees it and writes it. It’s brilliant and while I was eager to set time aside to read over these last few days, I’m left with the same feeling I’m always left with after I finish a great book: I. WANT. MORE.”

“This novel is brilliant. Twisted, but brilliant. wonkknow’s command of the English language and use of imagery is superb. Sitting in my perfect suburban home without a shred of experience in anything he’s describing, I can smell the filthy apartment, taste the sweat, hear the cacophony of bizarre characters, imagine the craving and the high. Nothing is off limits. It was refreshing (and appalling at times!). My jaw dropped more than once during this drug-fueled hallucination of a novel. Nothing was as expected, which is the absolute genius of it all.”

“I do my reading at work between clients or when/if I get a free moment. I enjoyed this book so much that I started going into work early just in case I wouldn’t have free moments. It’s fast paced and the author’s descriptions put me in every scene. I also saw myself, my late brother and a few other people in the main character. The other characters are a smorgasbord of miscreants. It’s disturbing, a fantasy and a really intense drug induced trip gone awry rolled up into one. I highly recommend it. I will definitely read the next offering from wonkknow. But it’s safe to say that he’s got some twisted stuff knocking around in his brain.”

“While this typically wouldn’t be in the genre that I delve into while reading, the description alone fascinated me and piqued my interest. I’m glad I branched out and went on the wild ride that is Accepting Gravity. The author’s description of the surroundings & characters is fantastic but leaves the visuals in your mind up to interpretation. There are several chapters & scenes in this novel that I will always be able to recall. I would highly recommend reading this with an open mind. While definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, I thoroughly enjoyed this and can’t wait for more offerings from wonkKnow.”